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Equity Crowdfunding: An Investing Revolution through Democratization

Last May, Title III of the JOBs Act was passed, too much fanfare from the public. Known as the CROWDFUND Act the latest addition to the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, Title III, grants unaccredited investors (net worth < $1 million or annual income < $200,000) the ability to invest and purchase equity or debt in private companies, explicitly start-ups. With the passage of Title III and Regulation CF, Crowdfund, investing has truly become democratized, into people-powered finance.

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We are Beast Enterprises, management consulting firm, a team of MBAs, investment bankers, designers, management consultants, and more importantly, builders. We started back in 2015 to help early stage ventures grow by providing a mix of service and investment focusing on strategy and capital raising. Our partners, both clients and investments, have raised north of $22 million through traditional institutional VC and crowdfunding. We have been immersed in the crowdfunding space, both rewards and equity based and find the trend fascinating.

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